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Storm Water Management


Storm water infiltration is a relatively new concept. It is a method to manage storm water run off in permeable or semi permeable soil conditions. It allows captured surface water to percolate into existing soils recharging the natural water table, provide moisture for surrounding vegetation or replenish streams, creeks or rivers.


Storm water infiltration can be used to reduce and mitigate the total run off volume caused by increased urban development and subsequently increased impervious areas, as well as to maximize the amount of run off returned to shallow ground water and aquifer via recharge.

Storm water infiltration can be used to maintain pre-development flow regimes, surface water quality and local temperature ranges.

Storm water infiltration can be used to restrict to post-development peak run off flow rate to that of the pre-development peak run off flow rate for selected design return periods.


SPECTO CIVIL TECHNOLOGY can provide solutions with a diversity of methods:


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